Terms of Purchase

By funding your account (electively) with money to purchase our products and services, you agree to accept our Terms of Purchase.


Credit Card & ACH

By agreeing to ReUp Mobile's Terms of Purchase you agree that you're a business owner who registered for an account to utilize ReUp Mobile's technology platform, which offers multiple services, including but not limited to sim card activations and airtime replenishment. In order to successfully activate a sim card or replenish a mobile subscriber airtime, it is required that your account is reflected with a positive amount of money in your airtime balance. There are 2 required actions to achieve a successful deposit. First you must register a payment type (credit card or bank account). After you register a payment type, you must independently confirm a payment amount, which is considered the transaction. If the transaction is approved and is under $500, ReUp Mobile immediately posts the transactions in your airtime balance. So long as your balance is positive, you will be able to perform transactions up to the point the balance is $0 or is below the amount of a specific purchase. ReUp Mobile will not charge your registered payment type on a recurring basis so we expect that our customers always independently and electively make their deposits through our Billing Section > Fund Your Account display.

If the transaction is over $500, specifically with a bank transfer, it might be that there is a hold of the initial deposit until 2-3 businesses days. Customers will be notified for any such delays.

By accepting the purchase with a credit card or ACH, you give ReUp Mobile the right to charge your issuing credit card or your designated business checking account the purchase that you electively agreed to make. Because you're electively making a purchase on our website, you are forfeiting the right to dispute any transactions and agree to let ReUp Mobile management solve any queries regarding billing.

Credit Card transactions are subject to a surcharge up to 2.5% of the purchase amount.

Price Changes

We reserve the right to adjust pricing at any time, but ReUp Mobile aims to give our merchant at least a 30 day notice with any pricing changes to our products or services.

No Refunds

PAYMENTS ARE NONREFUNDABLE AND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR PARTIALLY USED PRODUCTS. Following any request to refund available funds, ReUp Mobile will disable all credentials from the platform. ReUp Mobile will promptly refund any unused balance back to the original payment that was used. Following this action, both parties will execute a termination letter that will secure the refund and waive all rights of the customer to dispute their transaction.

Payment Methods

You may add, edit or delete your payment type by immediately sending a query to service@reupmobile.com.